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A Holistic Approach to Communication Beyond Words (June, 2014)

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Zen is the art of totally embracing the moment as it is, living it without having opinions about it. When you mean what you say with your whole organism, body and soul, you find yourself invigourated and elated. It is enjoyable! And healthy.

It is fun to re-discover your self! The feeling of expansion and new possibilities is liberating… Everything becomes simple when you understand what you express and say what you actually mean. The body is your friend – it never lies. Here you can find different programs available for a single individual or for a larger group of people.

Perhaps you need teambuilding, conflict management, or activities to help stimulate your company. Maybe your prime interest is to grow as an individual but you like some support in private sessions; handling stage fright, finding better ways to relate, meeting feelings of inadequacy or fear – or just needing someone to ask the questions you need in order to understand yourself a bit better.

My work is based on a great respect for your unique-ness, and a great joy to share my skills. The best thing is that no mistakes are possible – one only becomes more present, aware and curious.


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